Uni Life # The Admission Chaos

I thought, “What the hell?” Let’s tell the world about my messed up life, eh? Everybody loves a messed up life story.

Catch up with me in this stupid journey of my Uni Life. Since, it’s mine, there will drama (be sure of that), fun, laughter and a lot of cheese. (Get what I’m saying? Eh? Eh?)

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Originally posted on shecorner:
Hello everyone! how are you all? Hope you all are doing good..So today iam going to write my first blog which is basically about a nailart and thats because i love doing nailarts.. :) For all those who think that without a proper nailart tool they can’t even think of doing…


Promoting: a Model

Hello! So, this was the first post meant for the magazine. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t know what this is about, here is an Update! Btw, so what if there is no magazine, there still is my blog, if you’re a model, singer, dance or a person with any other talent, feel free…



Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m a selfish and ignorant bitch, but I’m also sorry. Disappeared from here. Didn’t put on my first issue. Nope, I’m not back, I’m doomed! I’m so sorry, guys… Here’s my excuse: I’ve been working on Let It Fall. Yes, not a very good excuse, but if you’re an author, you must…


August 2014 — Upcoming first issue

Yes!Desirable Purity Magazine. New talent to be in spotlight. We have everything you need. If you want to be a part of Desirable Purity magazine’s first issue, look below for the categories. If you want to take part in the August contest, keep an eye out to win a chance to be featured in the magazine.…


Character Flaw and its Importance

What exactly is a character flaw? It is a weakness, a mar, or an imperfection that causes the downfall of a character, or adds depth to it, or cause serious damage. Characters are the heart and soul of your book. You can either make your valuable readers love them, or love to hate them. Mary-Sue…