First Impressions — Book Cover Service

Desirable Purity is proud to announce it’s first service — First Impressions — a book cover service for indie authors at a very reasonable price. We have a number of graphic designers to fulfill your needs of a desirable book cover to your book. We have a fun way to do this process. You fill the…


Mind = Lost :– Emotions

They are proud of how successful you are today, but they don’t know that they are the reason behind it. Not in a good sense, though. No matter how successful and happy you are, you will never forget what they did to you, to make you so strong. How much they hurt you, even though…

S11 Lost My Mind 2 Needlepoint - $41.39

Mind = Lost :– Beliefs!

I’m not the kind of person who complains on every single thing, and compare everything with something else, and I don’t always blame others and implement what I feel on them. And at the same time, I hate people who actually do that.